Saturday, 18 December 2010

Just popping in to say hello

Hello everyone.

Well actually I am going to say a little more than that -but not a lot. 

Yesterday morning my little car was taken away to the place that will make it better & a rather smart red Citroen C1 left outside the front of the house.  Red, actually is not my favourite colour in cars.  Never mind. We had already had snow & the man delivering the car & taking mine away said the roads around the house were not nice.  By the afternoon my courtesy car had a fine sprinkling of snow all over it, today the amount has increased.  When the man was showing me around the car bits to make sure I knew where everything was he asked that when I returned it the petrol gauge should read "two bars" minimum.  These new cars don't have E & F?,  I asked.  Sure enough I was being given the car with 2 bars of petrol in it.  Well if this weather remains as it is that is very likely to be the 2 bars they get back too.

I have not done any crafting today - which is not good - but it was rather cold up in the craft room.  But I have been busy with family history stuff, & as it will form a Christmas present it is important to do.  I actually had a very successful day breaking down some brick walls that had got in the way of my research for some time. It's strange how when something is left for a while going back to it reaps some success.  That's what I have fo9und over the years I have been researching.

So!  Once again I ask that you all keep safe & warm in this second spell of bad weather & I hope it is not having adverse affect on your Christmas holiday plans.

Ooh yes, talking of holidays - we have booked ours for next year.  A gite in rural Brittany.  The area around it looks really interesting I have seen some photos of spectacular scenery.  Time to start saving up now.

That's it, it was a slightly longer pop in than I thought - talk more tomorrow.

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