Monday, 13 December 2010

Some pictures

Hello again
I am popping in now to show the photos that I have been talking about for some days.  I think I have remembered all the ones - well about 7 in total - that I spoke about.

After spending a couple of hours with two friends this morning I popped down to Broughton Shopping Park to do a little Christmas shopping - or perhaps that should have read some Christmas little shopping.  I mainly went to buy Crackers - the sort you pull at Christmas dinner & read funny (?) jokes & wear silly hats - not the type you eat with cheese.  Although I also bought some cheese for Christmas - some nice Edam, some brie & another one - a blue cheese, can't remember its name.  I had it in France during my holiday this year. Also picked up one or two other bits.

The other main item I went for was to get a copy of Craft Stamper - I really must get a subscription sorted out after Christmas.

Earlier today I updated the club pages with the programme for the next few months.  Also on the side panel I added a link to "Crafty Jo's Blog".  Joanna is a member of Mold RS Club & her blog is worth visiting.

Right! Photos - first there is a little slide show of some of my last Christmas cards - the square ones - I think there are 2 of them with the decoupage are from the kit I bought off Create & Craft.

Then here are 2 more photos taken when Bob & I went for that drive yesterday.  The view is just as we come out of that lovely drive over Moel Famau & come down onto the main road just above Llanferres.  If you go up the main road you drive past "The Clwyd Gate Hotel".  I was trying to capture the 2 effects in one picture - the frosty lane & the sunlight fields & hills.  Both pictures taken at the same spot - one looking down the road & the other one looking back up the road. Hope you like them.

During this year I have taken photos of nature around me especially the weather, sunsets & sunrises.  The other day as the sun was setting we still had snow in the field opposite the front of the house.  So another set of photos had to be taken.  Here is the best one - well I think so.

Well! I had a problem tonight & it would not upload this picture, so I am
going to leave it now & try again tomorrow morning. 
My server kept rejecting it.  Not had that problem before
so do not understand it.
That's it for tonight.  Sleep well.

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