Monday, 27 December 2010

What did you get for Christmas?

Good morning ladies ............ & Gareth, in case he has popped in.

I hope you had a very pleasant Christmas Day & that you are managing to take advantage of this slightly longer weekend break.  I know I am.

Did Father Christmas bring you lots of lovely goodies (or whoever buys the presents in your family group)?  I do hope so - any crafting goodies?

I was thoroughly spoilt.  Firstly I didn't have to lift a finger all day - we spent the day with "Bob's other son" (Cheeky thing even signed his Christmas card that way!!!).  He cooked dinner for all of us - himself, Bob & I, Russ & Nadine.  Bob & I arrived reasonably early & we even had bacon sandwiches for breakfast.  Bob then went & collected Russ & Nadine about 11 o'clock, & once we had settled it was time to open presents with Russ acting as Father Christmas passing the gifts out. I received some very nice chocolates from various people - so there goes the start of my diet in January. I also had a couple of books - one from Russ & Nadine was the Oxford Dictionary of names - which is surnames, first names & place names.  That will be very useful when I am researching family histories.  As I do a lot of my research on my net book whilst sat with Bob watching TV - he bought me a Laptop cool tray.  It even has a built in fan for cooling -  it's not overly quiet so could become a nuisance if used whilst we are watching TV.  I have my net book sitting on it now - its really good. From Gareth I received a Kindle - I told you I had been spoilt - so yesterday I sat reading the Users Guide then searching out some books to store on there, I have gone for some of the old out of print classics - which also have the advantage of being free.

Oh yes - one of the presents from Russ & Nadine was a Marmite Breakfast set which was a toast rack, knife & jar of Marmite.  I love Marmite - Russ can't stand it.  But ............... they also gave me a bar of Marmite flavoured chocolate!!!!!!!!!!   Hmm, there's going to have to be a big bit of courage to try that.

My friend Veronica gave me the most beautiful round magnifying glass on a lovely  ornate stem type handle with a tassel.  Again it will be very useful when reading old documents.  Come to think of it some new paperwork as well - who am I kidding about eyesight.

Back to Christmas Day  - we had an absolutely fantastic day, with a lovely Christmas meal & happy, loving company. I say Christmas meal - we also had cheese & biscuits around supper time. Thank you Gareth for a lovely day & for all your hard work it was very much appreciated & I felt you needed a more public thank you that is why I have repeated it here.

So! after that - yesterday was a really lazy, relaxing day, & today is going to be the same.  I am going to sit here & continue writing up that family history research - it's for Nadine & I hope to give it to her New Year when we will all be meeting & going out for a meal next Monday for Bob's birthday which is on the Tuesday.

Yesterday morning when I arose there was the most beautiful sunrise.  Now I know I have done one of those before but I couldn't resist taking another picture - I will probably add it here tomorrow as I have not uploaded from my camera.  But the only way I could frame it with something was to go outside the front door - which I did.  Fortunately there were no passers by at that time as I was still in my dressing gown.  Boy, was it cold too.

Well that's more chat than I thought I would do.  More tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of the festive season.

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day, nice to hear you got a chance to relax.

    Our day was really strange! Because of the leaky pipe problems and then our son moving in with his family we haven't got any decorations up so we don't look very festive. It was a very mixed-up day - having a 6-month-old in the house really changes routines - but also quite relaxing too. Nobody expected anything too much in the way of feasting (and didn't get it) but we did enjoy a lovely dinner and the kitchen was tidied for me as I relaxed.

    'Santa' brought me a Grand Calibur and some Grand Nestabilities to go with it - it's very easy to use and I can see a lot of fun to be had with it. I also got loads of chocolates so I shall be on the same diet as you!

    We're now waiting to see if the promised snow arrives - don't really like this rain but at least it's nowhere near as cold as it was.


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