Monday, 25 October 2010

Just chatting

Hi everyone - hope you have had a good weekend.

All in all I guess I have had a rather lazy weekend, except for that final cutting up of the card for the HSNW workshop I am preparing for.

I had meant to make another sample of the project so that they can see two versions, then changed my mind.  But I should at least do a couple of "pages".  Then today whilst talking to Sue something she said triggered off an idea that would link to the project - I can't mention it here in case any HSNW members do read this as I don't want to give anything away.  I don't think they have been told what they are doing.

Sue & I were over at Carolines most of today having a good poke around in Carolines stock to find embellishments for our workshop.

Talking of workshops I hope all you ladies have been putting some thought to a couple of dates for a workshop for yourselves early in 2011. I will be asking you about that at your next meetings.

Then the thought of the next meeting which for Mold & Mold II is the last meeting of the year reminds me that I must make sure I have the first 3 months of the 2011 programme sorted & printed off to give you to in November.  My oh my where has this year gone.

Well that's the chat for today folks, except for the little ATC below.  I was looking at images on Google to give me some creativity ideas & came across it.  So thought I would put it here to send the message -  sorry about the website across the bottom.  Details of the website came up too - I am off to have a closer look at it.

I am hoping to try out a couple of ideas tomorrow - I may tell you about them or may keep them for a club night.

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