Friday, 22 October 2010

popping in for a chat

Good evening, good evening, good evening. 
Yep you've guessed it I have just finished watching QI with Stephen Fry.  i also think I used that opening once before too.  Ah well.

I haven't done any creating today except maybe for the space that has now appeared in our spare bedroom from the boxes of stuff or stash that I have given to Clare (previously of Crafty Sue's).  I have given it to her to sell to raise money for her charity Multiple Sclerosis  A much better cause than sitting in my craft room not being used.

Mind you we did exchange "clearing outs" - as she had a big bag of books in the back of her car to be taken to the charity shop.  So I now have those to see if there are any books Bob & I might fancy reading then we will take the rest, along with some of ours, to the charity shop.  Then later the ones we keep to read will go as well.

Earlier this evening I checked my emails & Joanna has sent me the pictures from last nights Mold meeting - not only of the Show & Tell (the sketch) - but of the 2 projects they made during the evening. Tomorrow I will download them to my pictures folder & then put them here on the blog.  So there should be 3 slide shows to watch.

On Tuesday it is Mold II's October meeting & I will be popping along to see what they did with the sketch.  After I have put their photos on the blog I will show you what I did with the sketch.

Well! I am off to bed so have a good night & also a very nice weekend.  Lets hope this wind dies down & it is better weather.  Just think in a weeks time the clocks go back - ugh.  Never mind before we know it it will be spring & summer again

Night night.

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