Friday, 17 February 2012

Mold meeting - photos from January

 Good evening again ladies

Just popping back to the missed photos from last night - if you cannot photograph them but have a printer/scanner & can scan & save them then email them - that too would be useful.  What am I like.

Before I forget - if you pop back to the entry on Thursday where I mentioned Burley Dam & it's new craft shop - you will see that a comment has been left.  When I first read it I couldn't think what it meant - then the brain kicked in.  Very good Joanna.

So back to the matter in hand - the cards that were brought back of the January project which was the acetate domed card

I had these images from "Making Cards" Magazine - they are really nice to work with

This is sooo cute!

I forgot to ask if the sentiment was one stamp or alphabet stamps to make the sentiment
Love the catch to keep the opening section closed

You can see the acetate in each of them & the domes were of different heights.  My sample had the "card" part of the card on the right hand side & I see that these 3 are the same.

I will be back again - hopefully this evening with the photos from last nights project.

There is also news of a Mold II member - but they may not make the blog until tomorrow, as I have to take the photos.

'Bye for now

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  1. Hi Gloria, you asked "I forgot to ask if the sentiment was one stamp or alphabet stamps to make the sentiment" - it's actually printed from CorelDraw, I tried several different fonts but liked this one the best. I don't usually print stuff like this but just didn't have a suitable sentiment to put there.


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